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Takeaways are a very popular business investment in the UK. They provide a service for a wide range of customers, with the trend of convenience in eateries rising and people opting for quickness and ease. According to the Oxford Dictionary, a takeaway is a restaurant or shop selling cooked food to be eaten elsewhere, that people collect and eat off the premises. Alongside this service, there may also be the option to eat the same food in the sit-down area of the premises.

Opening your own takeaway shop venture could be seen as a daunting idea. Almost every type of food is available with a business of this kind, offering choices such as fish and chips, Indian, Chinese and much more. With so many options, as a business owner it may be crucial to know who & what your competition is as the market can seem very crowded at times. If you can come up with a unique selling point or something a little different from anyone else in your area, you could be onto a winner. The classic takeaway shops might have more competition, but customers sometimes enjoy their more traditional foods. Opting for something different like a vegan takeaway or homemade cuisine may not have the general custom but will stand out with uniqueness.

The location of a takeaway shop is also important and arguably, must be right for the kind of service you are offering. Where the business is situated, and the opening times will undoubtedly depend on your goods and offering. For example, are you near to other shops on a high street? Or in a residential area? This will determine the sort of produce and customers you are going for. Considering where people may park and the surrounding catchment area is important too.

Timing can be everything, and depending on what type of cuisine your shop is will determine when you decide to open to the public. Sandwich shops could target the lunch time trade, whereas kebab shops could aim for evening customers. This is important when creating your business idea.

Alongside this, having the right insurance for your takeaway shop is crucial. It may be hard to know what to select, but the experts at Catering Insurance can have you covered and can also provide a solution to suit you and your needs.

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