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Cafe Insurance

Going out for a cup of coffee is something that many people enjoy. According to the British Coffee Association, last year the UK drank 95 million cups of the stuff every single day. This statistic had rocketed from just 70 million in 2008. That means that consumption had increased by 25 million over the last 10 years. This demonstrates just how popular café businesses are, because clearly people will always want to go out for a cup of tea or coffee. In addition to this, customers will often impulse buy and accompany their hot drink with a light bite, lunch or a wedge of homemade cake.

With cafes proving a hit for people across all age groups, this business venture can be a worthwhile idea. There are many things to consider when opening a café however, from important noticeable aspects to minute details. Most obviously, the location of a café is imperative. Will the business be positioned on a busy high street? Or will it be in a rural area with a country vibe? It could also be in a residential area or close to a business park. There are many options, so selecting the one that is right for you as an individual is a big decision.

Whether you opt to serve the traditional Bacon or Sausage Buttie  or a quaint afternoon cream tea it is always beneficial to complete your research beforehand on the prospective location of your café and type of customers you will be serving, as the results may determine which café you decide to open.  It will also depend on the market competition and what type of cafes are nearby. Offering something different and unique could be one direction to take or tapping into the more traditional market is an alternative idea. Whichever you decide, researching first is a good place to begin.

Café opening hours are also important. With most cafes targeting breakfast, mid-morning, lunch and afternoon tea, this is a prime window of opportunity.  Some cafes also grab the opportunity to open during the evening to celebrate special events during the year, but generally this industry is trading during the daytime. Once these features have been decided, things like themes, décor and menus come next. Once your customers are through the door, the fun can really begin.

With so much excitement however, often things like finding the right insurance for your café can be overlooked. It may be hard to know what to select, but catering Insurance have you covered and can provide a solution to suit you and your needs.

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